Building a culture of continuous improvement to achieve sustainable growth

Our clients achieve and sustain reductions in operational costs of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes helped grow company profit margins by up to 25%. We guarantee such results.


    Develop and Execute Strategy

    Our specialty is helping organizations develop and execute the strategy to navigate an increasingly dynamic business environment with confidence.

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    Lean Six Sigma Training

    Exceptional training programs to develop requisite skills at all levels of your organization that can help you achieve sustainable growth.

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    Operations Excellence

    A unique proprietary system for achieving sustainable operations excellence based on Lean Six Sigma methodology to build a culture of continuous improvement.

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    Welcome to Focused Improvement

    Highlighted achievements from recent projects:

    • Revitalized production lines through a series of Kaizen events and Lean Six Sigma projects to meet throughput and quality targets against customer specifications. Direct impact on the client’s financial performance with an increase in EBITDA of $1M. An increase in throughput also meant an additional planned investment of over $2M to add new production lines was avoided.
    • Optimized freight operations for a major B2B distributor resulting in savings of over $750K.
    • Identified and launched Lean Six Sigma project management programs which led to annual savings of $9M to $14M, certifying 15 black and green belts in the process.
    • Reinvigorated product lines and developed new products, improved factory flow, redesigned organization structure and recruited new management team members to result in 3 times the EBITDA prior to engagement and a doubling of revenues to $50M.
    • Enhanced manufacturing network for a privately held client resulting in over $1M in savings.
    • Revived a food manufacturing company losing over $20,000 per month to breakeven status within 12 months of engagement and profitability within 18 months of coming on board, which led to an acquisition by a large food manufacturer.

    A singular focus on continuous improvement is what differentiates us from any other consulting firm. We bring over 30 years of experience working with companies like GE, Bombardier, KapStone Paper and Packaging as well as many others. Our clients achieve and sustain reductions in operational costs of greater than 20%, improve on-time delivery to over 99% and reduce defect rates to less than 1%. Due to our unique process, our clients have reported increases in profit margins of up to 25%. We guarantee such results.

    Lean Six Sigma Methodology

    Our team consists of business people and experts in Lean Six Sigma.  The expert team has years of experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma in manufacturing as well as the front office. We believe in working shoulder to shoulder with your employees and act as catalysts for change to build a culture of continuous improvement within your company. We do not believe in coming into your organization and leaving you with a report outlining the next steps. Instead, we analyze the unique challenges that your business is facing and design a program uniquely suited to resolve your problems. We then work through the implementation of this program to build a culture that can set your company up for sustainable success. Our goal is not to be with you forever but for the right amount of time so that your team learns the skills, tools and most importantly the behaviours to deliver improved results year after year. 

    Helping Companies Thrive

    At Focused Improvement Consulting, we recognize it is vital for companies to generate the desired outcomes – such as increased revenues, reduced costs, or improved profitability. We focus on helping your teams and employees to develop plans to execute the company strategy, clarify fundamental concepts and help the leadership team deploy the right behaviours to deliver the desired results to create a committed and thriving workforce.

    Proven Approach to Greater Performance

    Our approach starts with a focus on adding value to your organization and only working on what your customers are willing to pay for and then connecting this to your teams, employees, and objectives. We tailor and personalize for you and your teams’ programs and approaches that are related to your organizational gaps, problems and opportunity focused. We focus your team on improving your company’s and team’s performance. That is Focused Improvement.

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    Jitendra Badiani
    President & Principal Consultant