Building a culture of continuous improvement to achieve sustainable growth

Our clients achieve and sustain reductions in operational costs of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes helped grow company profit margins by up to 25%. We guarantee such results.

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Welcome to Focused Improvement

Jitendra Badiani

President & Principal Consultant

Highlighted achievements from recent projects:

  • Trained, mentored and coached over 25 Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and 150 Green Belts from various functions to deliver for a major pulp and paper company to generate $15M+ in annual savings.
  • Developed and deployed tailored/company-specific operational excellence plans that helped a high-mix/high volume company reduce lead-times from over 14 days to 3 days, 25% defect reductions and improve productivity by over 25%.
  • Designed and implemented an assembly line to build a durable good with over 100 parts and 7 stations with a TAKT time of 15 mins.
  • Analyzed and reviewed various issues and recommended using robotics and laser technology to measure parts at a machine shop to eliminate changeover time and improve quality.  Results included the elimination of 3 FTE and a decrease in rejects of over 10%.

Helping Companies Thrive

At Focused Improvement Consulting, we recognize it is vital for companies to generate the desired outcomes – such as increased revenues, reduced costs, or improved profitability. Read More

Proven Approach to Greater Performance

Our approach starts with a focus on adding value to your organization and only working on what your customers are willing to pay for and then connecting this to your teams, employees, and objectives. Read More

Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Our team consists of business people and experts in Lean Six Sigma. The expert team has years of experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma in manufacturing as well as the front office. Read More


What We Do



Our specialty is helping organizations develop and execute the strategy to navigate an increasingly dynamic business environment with confidence.



Exceptional training programs to develop requisite skills at all levels of your organization that can help you achieve sustainable growth.



A unique proprietary system for achieving sustainable operations excellence based on Lean Six Sigma methodology to build a culture of continuous improvement.


Design and Build Experts

Is your company resource constrained and cannot launch a new product, redesign your plant or looking to improve your current process/plant efficiency? We are your outsourced DESIGN-BUILD experts. With over a combined 65 years of experience in various industries and mechanical, industrial product, process and equipment design are here to support your growth.

This will allow your company to achieve a product or process development goal through the application of expertise, methodology and tool.

Why Choose Us


We provide and give practical advice – not from a text book. Our team at Focused Improvement have “earned their stripes” and use good business sense, data and experience to share practical real world advice that that can acted upon.

Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves in spotting wastes and finding ways to continually improving your processes and business. Our goal is instil using continuous improvement techniques and tools as a way of life in your business.

Value Driven

We are relentless to drive for results and delivering value. We do not want to waste your time nor ours.


We are here for your best interests. We look at your business as it ours and put ourselves in your shoes. We help you achieve your business goals by acting as a catalyst for change.


What our Clients Say?

“The trainer did a fantastic job of keeping me engaged during the training. In addition, the real-world examples were awesome.”
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Student
“JT’s support at our company was immeasurable. He helped focus on the valuable items and identify ways to grow our company.”
CEO of a mid-sized company
“You can tell the FIC trainers really care about the student to learn the material. JT is a great instructor and look forward to learning more from him.“
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Student
FIC has helped us develop our site and flow of products in a way that makes sense. FIC treats our money like theirs and helped us source and create a line that met our budget. The line delivered what we were looking for.
General Manager of a mid-sized food company
“JT helped us guide our company through some tough times. He gave us practical and timely advice and revenues and profit have improved 2x.”
Mid sized company executive