Knowledge Transfer/ Leadership Development

• Education
• One on One Leader/Individual Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Mentoring

Focused Improvement Consulting fully ascribes to the adult learning models that employ action and activity-based learning instead classroom "training". Wherever possible, we engage participants in current challenges from within their workplace so they can experience both real-life issues, as well as the feeling of success that comes from applying new knowledge. We create and deliver programs driven by the strategic performance needs of the organization. Our service covers the needs assessment, design, development, delivery and evaluation of workshops and programs.

Through their many years of change implementation and business management experience, our consultants are well equipped to provide coaching in the areas of change management, conflict resolution, assertive communication, and delivering and receiving feedback. We know that running a business is difficult. Implementing change in a way that engages your team in a positive way is even more difficult. We work with you side by side to develop the strategies, methods and tools required to improve personal effectiveness and team productivity.

We also provide facilitation and project leadership in support of your organizational and change management initiatives. We are practical, flexible and work at all levels of your organization from the executive suite to the shop floor.