Operations Consulting

Focused Improvement Consulting helps organizations improve their operational performance and profitability through understanding customer value, and then uncovering the efficiency, speed and flexibility in operations required to be competitive in today's market.

We customize our approach to each client, applying leading best practices and principles developed through years of deep industry experience. We combine proven methodologies with real-life business experience and solid change management approaches to ensure your organization is engaged and activities are aligned with your business strategy.

Demonstrated results:

  • • Identified major areas of losses in food plant. Used Lean methodology to reduce unit costs by 15%.
  • • Consolidated customer service departments across 5 business units resulting in 10% improvement in order accuracy, 12% improvement in order delivery cycle and improved customer satisfaction.
  • • Implemented Lean in wood products manufacturing company resulting in 130% improvement in labour productivity, improved product quality and a reduction in lost time injuries.
  • • Used Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to improve food plant uptime by 10%.
  • • Analyzed supply chain and improved purchasing and logistics processes resulting in savings of $3.5 million.